Gabby & Sam

October 8, 2015

Gabby and Sam were married in the Queen of Peace Catholic Parish in Salem, Oregon.

Sam and one of his groomsmen were appproproately represeted in their military attire. Thank you for your service gentlemen.

These two are so enamored with each other. The day was so easy and laid back, it was clear the only thing they wanted to do that day was get married, which is how it should be!

They celebrated their union at the Creekside Golf club. A beautiful, simple wedding to celebrate their love. Congratulations to the bride and groom!


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Queen of Peace Parrish in Salem, Oregon

Creekside Golf Club in Salem, Oregon

RaeAnn and Mark

October 3, 2015

Beautiful wedding at Green Villa Barn in Dallas, OR

From DIY center pieces and decor, to coffee tins and succulents

All the details of this weddings were such heartfelt simple creations that was a perfect picture of who RaeAnn and Mark are. A laid back relationship without the stuffy million dollar decor, all centered around their mutual love for coffee with coffee bag bunting, to vintage coffee tins as center pieces. They are the perfect blend of seriously in love with each other and just plain fun people to be around. Congrats you two!

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September 20, 2015

We loved this session! Anushka is beautiful and the colors of her outfit were just awesome. We love making things personal to you and encourage you to bring things that show who you are. IMG_4926web IMG_4934web IMG_4937web IMG_4946web IMG_4948web IMG_4959web IMG_4968web IMG_4974web IMG_4983web IMG_4994web IMG_5012web IMG_5023web IMG_5040web IMG_5050web IMG_5070web IMG_5087web IMG_5104web IMG_5108web IMG_5140web IMG_5162web IMG_5172web IMG_5180web


September 13, 2015

Love the color in this session and such a sweet pup! Larysa is a goalie at Tigard High and plans to continue  to play in college. Larysa’s BFF is Madison Whitcher who is one of our senior reps and also came along for the session. Madison also plays soccer but at Tualatin high school. Can not tell you how much we love making these sessions personal to you!  IMG_5582web IMG_5594web IMG_5608web IMG_5632web IMG_5642web IMG_5653web IMG_5674web IMG_5697web IMG_5707web IMG_5764web IMG_5765web IMG_5782web IMG_5813web


September 7, 2015

Such a fun family shoot with Cole and his twin brother Coner. Their mom and sister also came along and we were able to get some shots of the three of them. Why not bring some friends and we can make it that much more fun for your senior photos, give us a call or send us an email!



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May 3, 2013


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