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Megan & Jason

October 30, 2009

I went to Megan and Jason’s wedding as both a photographer and a guest, and it was a blast! You can read a quick recap of the day on Megan’s Blog and you can check out their engagement session here.

It was a great change of pace to be able to go to a wedding and get to eat and dance and sit! Corey and his buds were all in the wedding party so that made shooting even more fun than usual.

Corey brought the new photobooth along for the reception and I brought along Jen, my new favorite make-up artist. She’s truly amazing and I hope to offer her services as part of my wedding packages in the near future.

The weather was touch and go for a while, with some intimidating black clouds but after a few minor sprinkles the evening turned out perfectly. Megan and Jase looked great all fancied up and were as laid back as usual all day long, making my job a cinch!bride-makeup















Cindy & Jonathan

October 14, 2009

My fondest wedding photography memories are always from weddings at which I feel like part of the family. That was definitely the case with Cindy and Jonathan. Theirs was an intimate and elegant evening wedding that I will always remember, not just because of the incredible decor (like, down to the detail breathtakingly gorgeous) , or the amazing food (best mango salsa imaginable), but because of the overwhelming sense of inclusion and love that these two amazing families graced me with.

Cindy and Jonathan (or anyone in their families for that matter) would give you the shirt off their back in a snowstorm, and it’s hard for me to imagine anything more rewarding than getting to spend one of the most important evenings of their life with them. I don’t think more than 20 minutes went by the entire night without someone making sure I had eaten recently, asking if I wanted to sit down for a while, or coming over to chat with me for no other reason that to get to know me. It was awesome. The groom’s Dad wouldn’t even let me leave without first posing with their family for a picture!











It’s that time again! Our Fall Leaves sessions are back!  We will be at the park October 24th and 25th and we would love to have you join us!  All sessions are half off for the weekend. Here are a few shots from last year! Give us a call and get on the schedule!family-leaves




Josh and Sarah

October 8, 2009

Well, the knot is officially tied! Josh and Sarah are one of the most adorable couples and two of the most genuine people that I’ve met.  I had a great time sharing their big day with them. Even in the face of an ever changing wedding day timeline, a major flower mishap, and keys locked in the car, they both just brushed the stress off their shoulders and enjoyed every moment. We had a blast doing first-look and wedding party photos at Linfield College in McMinnville, and then made our way to Sheridan for a toasty, but very fun ceremony and reception. Corey was a great second shooter (as usual) and I’ve posted a great shot of him in action out in a field. The day was yet another shining example of why my job is the best  in the world – I’ll never get over how cool it is to be a part of two people so deeply in love pledging a lifetime of selflessness and committment to eachother.  Congrats Josh and Sarah, you guys are awesome.






We packed up our new photo booth and headed down to the Oregon Wedding Showcase for the weekend – It was a blast! I love getting to decorate my vendor area, meet all the brides to be, and talk about wedding photography. Seeing the sparkles in their eyes makes me remember how incredibly exciting it felt to be engaged. We even brought along our new favorite make-up artist Jen to help us talk with all of our prospective clients.

Since we’re now renting our Photo Booth for wedding receptions and events in and around the Portland area, we figured that this would be a great way to introduce it. Let me tell you – it was a hit!  There’s something about being behind a photobooth curtain that makes inhibitions disappear. Even the serious and/or grumpy people that stopped by to chat about wedding photography came out of the photobooth with a big grin on their face.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say “photo booth,” think back to the old school booths at the fair that you squeeze into, hit the button, make silly faces, and then step out and wait for the strip of pictures to come out. It’s just like that, only better. Our photobooth is fully customizable with choices of exterior decoration, backdrop, and print-out options. I’ll definitely be posting more about it soon, and eventually it will even have it’s own website, but if you’re reading this and your interested in renting it for your reception or event, just give me a call at the studio and I can go over the details.

I realize it’s not even 10pm yet, and you may think that two days straight of talking is right up my alley (which it is), but I’m pooped and heading to bed. I’ll leave you with a few photo booth related photos from the last couple of days. Goodnight!photobooth-portland-oregon-photo-booth-wedding-1photobooth-portland-oregon-photo-booth-wedding-3photobooth-portland-oregon-photo-booth-wedding-2photobooth-portland-oregon-photo-booth-wedding-4