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Ms. Ella

May 24, 2010

This is Ella. Perhaps the most affectionate little girl I have ever met. When I showed up for the session I was greeted with an enormous hug. As we walked around the grounds of the Pittock Mansion Ella was far more concerned with getting to hold my hand than she was about getting her pictures taken. As you can see, she was eventually coaxed into cooperating. I think I could stare into those big dark eyes of hers forever and not get tired of it. SUCH a pretty little girl and so much fun to be around. She thought sitting in the bird bath was lots of fun, but when we tried to convince her that sitting in a nearby tree for a few shots would be the same, she didn’t buy it at all – so we skipped the tree.


Landon = Cuteness

May 20, 2010

Can it really have been that long since my last post ? Holy smokes!

Here’s a few shots of one of my favorite little boys – Landon. Getting to photograph him throughout the first year of life is such a treat! He’s changed so much since his last session! The cowboy hat shots are hands down my favorite shots, but to be honest – it’s almost impossible to take a bad picture of this little guy. He really likes to stick his tounge out too -very cute, but hopefully just a phase!

 Hat’s off to you Landon, I think you’re definitely a keeper and I can’t wait till next time!