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Meggan and Bill

July 19, 2010

When I met Meggan for the first time, it only took me about 5 seconds to know that we were going to get along phenomanally.  Her constant smile and cheerfulness make her the kind of person that you want to be around non-stop. She loves to talk (just like me!) so our conversation was never dull and I felt like we’d been friends for years by the time we finished wedding photos.  When the maid of honor mentioned in her toast that Meggan had watched Father of the Bride (my favorite movie of all time) 15 times the week of her wedding, I decided that we could very easily be best friends!

She was an amazing bride – so completely relaxed the entire day and obviously enjoying every second of it.  Bill, her husband-to-be was just as easy to work with and they were so cute as a couple that I wanted to just fold them up and keep them in my pocket! I’m so excited for them as they get started on their new adventure and so very thankful that I got to be a part of their big day!


A Gorge-ous Wedding

July 16, 2010

Forgive the bad pun – but yes, Andrew and Melissa’s wedding was both out in the Gorge and absolutely GORGEOUS! When we pulled up to the Wind Mountain Ranch in Stevenson, WA  –  I knew immediately that it was going to be a good day. Everything about the day was perfect. I had to focus extra hard during the ceremony because if I wasn’t careful, I could have easily missed something important while being entranced by the breathtaking views in every direction! Melissa had one of the longest and most beautiful veils ever, and the wind cooperated amazingly, giving us perfectly timed gusts that sent it flowing behind her as we walked through the meadow for pictures. It was a great trip to Stevenson, and hopefully not my last. Andrew and Melissa – you guys were a blast to work with and I can’t wait to show you the rest of your pictures!


Holy Cow! 5 years ago today, Corey and I got married!  I can’t believe how much has happened since then and how quickly the time has seemed to pass. I honestly can’t image life without him, he really is my other half. I don’t think I could get out the door without his love, support and all around charm!  I’ve got  to say that of all our years together dating through high school, that the last 5 have been the best!   Whether it’s a simple night in on the couch watching TV, an exotic vacation, or shooting a wedding together – I can’t imagine wanting to be with anyone else.

In related news, Corey has officially left his engineering  job to work in the studio full time, FOR ME!!! (Insert villian laugh here, MUAWHAAAHAAAA!). Actually, he’s probably more the boss around here than me, but since my name is on the door I feel like I kind of have the upper hand. Anyway, don’t be surprised to see him around if you come by the studio or hear him on the other end of the phone.

Welcome aboard Alyssa Jul Photography Babe, I can”t wait for the next 5 years!


I’ve known Elizabeth for quite a while, and let me tell you, she’s left quite a trail of broken hearted guys behind her. You see, Elizabeth is one of those girls you just want to be around – beautiful, fun, genuine, kind, and funny. It’s no wonder that almost every guy she’s met has thought she was the bees knees. Even with so many suitors, I knew it was going to take a very special guy to fill her heart, and when I met Mark, I knew he was the one she’d been waiting for.

After almost 2 years of long distance dating, several trips from London to Oregon and Oregon to London, and many phone calls across the pond, Mark and Elizabeth finally made it official out at a beatuful ceremony at Beckenrdige Vineyards. It was a very fun day and a blast to watch Mark’s English family get to know Elizabeth’s Oregonian side. I’m absolutely thrilled for these two and can’t imagine a more perfect match.