Julianne and Michael

November 28, 2015

This amazing outdoor wedding was at the Hopkins Demonstration Forest in Oregon City, Oregon. We were lucky enough to have dry weather until the ceremony, when it started raining sideways – literally – forcing everyone inside. Just as everyone got inside it stopped. Julianne, a California native but true Oregonian at heart, said ‘I can not get married inside it it’s not raining’. So everyone lovingly went back outside. To add a special personal touch, they had a close friend perform the wedding. With an adorable DIY forest theme at the reception, the centerpeices were filled with mushrooms, moss and deer which fit perfectly with the woodsy location for the ceremony. To top off an awesome day, they served breakfast for dinner – who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner!?IMG_3127 IMG_3129 IMG_3131 IMG_3159


Julianne loved the outdoors, which is why we did almost all of the getting ready outside, plus who wants to get dressed in a rangers station?

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