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Hi friends! The Westermann clan had a great time camping this year. All the firstdirty, sticky fingers from smores and sunblocked skin makes the memories happen. Here are a few fun shots from the trip. Enjoy!



A brother and his sisters <3

Got some relax time in while being slept on

Got some relax time in while being slept on


Love this

Love this



We will leave you with one of the favorites!

We will leave you with one of the favorites!

And last but not least, our best attempt at full family photo...

And last but not least, our best attempt at full family photo…

Stephanie & Jimmy

July 25, 2016

Stephanie and Jimmy, you are a beautiful couple and we wish you the best in your future! Their wedding was full of special details and everyone had a great time. The Victorian Belle is an amazing venue, and these two complimented it’s beauty perfectly.

All the little details, from the letters to the bride and a special gift from Jimmy with a watch that says ‘see you at 5:00’ the exact time they would be married <3 Amazingly beautiful flowers by Seventh Stem!




Here she comes!





Pronounced man and wife, you may now kiss the bride!



And they lived happily ever after <3

Brett and Erica

November 28, 2015

One of the most romantic weddings and the sweetest elopement held at the  Multnomah County Courthouse. Simple, classic roses in downtown Portland – it was so fun and easy to photograph these two! So in love and so adorable.

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Julianne and Michael

November 28, 2015

This amazing outdoor wedding was at the Hopkins Demonstration Forest in Oregon City, Oregon. We were lucky enough to have dry weather until the ceremony, when it started raining sideways – literally – forcing everyone inside. Just as everyone got inside it stopped. Julianne, a California native but true Oregonian at heart, said ‘I can not get married inside it it’s not raining’. So everyone lovingly went back outside. To add a special personal touch, they had a close friend perform the wedding. With an adorable DIY forest theme at the reception, the centerpeices were filled with mushrooms, moss and deer which fit perfectly with the woodsy location for the ceremony. To top off an awesome day, they served breakfast for dinner – who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner!?IMG_3127 IMG_3129 IMG_3131 IMG_3159


Julianne loved the outdoors, which is why we did almost all of the getting ready outside, plus who wants to get dressed in a rangers station?

IMG_3224 IMG_3234 IMG_3275 IMG_3277 IMG_3304 IMG_3320 IMG_3354 IMG_3361 IMG_3369 IMG_3423 IMG_3450 IMG_3455 IMG_3466 IMG_3474 IMG_3559 IMG_3569 IMG_4074 IMG_4091 IMG_4258


Gabby & Sam

October 8, 2015

Gabby and Sam were married in the Queen of Peace Catholic Parish in Salem, Oregon.

Sam and one of his groomsmen were appproproately represeted in their military attire. Thank you for your service gentlemen.

These two are so enamored with each other. The day was so easy and laid back, it was clear the only thing they wanted to do that day was get married, which is how it should be!

They celebrated their union at the Creekside Golf club. A beautiful, simple wedding to celebrate their love. Congratulations to the bride and groom!


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Queen of Peace Parrish in Salem, Oregon

Creekside Golf Club in Salem, Oregon


September 20, 2015

We loved this session! Anushka is beautiful and the colors of her outfit were just awesome. We love making things personal to you and encourage you to bring things that show who you are. IMG_4926web IMG_4934web IMG_4937web IMG_4946web IMG_4948web IMG_4959web IMG_4968web IMG_4974web IMG_4983web IMG_4994web IMG_5012web IMG_5023web IMG_5040web IMG_5050web IMG_5070web IMG_5087web IMG_5104web IMG_5108web IMG_5140web IMG_5162web IMG_5172web IMG_5180web